Guide to Custom Embroidered Patches

Custom embroidered patches are now associated with a lot of things. In sports, patches show the name and the logo of the team. In school, you’ll see name tags and the school’s logo on every student’s uniforms. Pilots have them on their uniforms too, showcasing their “wings”. In the military, aside from the name tags, patches show an officer’s rank, unit, and other achievements.

These patches are the best representation of an organization, a department, or a brand. Have you seen a Girl Scout selling you cookies showing off her patches? These patches show the girl’s accomplishments. These patches can be sewn onto any garment or applied on a garment with the use of a hot iron. There are companies that use Velcro attachments to create detachable patches that can be attached on different garments.

Custom embroidered patchesDid you know that custom embroidered patches used to be reserved for royalties and the rich only? They were often worn on the sash of a royalty to set them apart from the commoners. The rich wear their patches proudly to show off their status in society.

Today, these patches can be used by everyone for a variety of reasons: as fashion statement, as enhancement, as accomplishments, or to show off membership to a club or organization.

When you consider using custom embroidered patches for your organization/company, it is wiser to look around for the best deal, best price, and overall experience a manufacturer can offer. You’ll find quite a long list of online companies and it is imperative that you know how to select the most suitable for your needs.

What You Should Look For

When you are scouting for manufacturers online, the first thing you have to consider is the cost. This is one of the most important factors to think of, especially for those who have limited budgets. The good thing about most manufacturers is that they give excellent quality custom embroidered patches. The most reputable ones also provide the best customer service experience. While most of them now make use of computerized machines to make the patches, you can still find the best deals online.

You can always get a good deal, especially when you purchase in bulk. You save more if you buy wholesale, and you might even get freebies and excellent discount offers.One of main concerns of some organizations is that if they commission a manufacturer that offers the lowest prices, they might get substandard products. Most online stores use advanced technology and state-of-the-art tools and equipment but they still give reasonable rates.

So, it is important that you do not immediately strike a deal with a manufacturer with the lowest rates; you have to make sure that you have a shortlist of online manufacturers to choose from. You need to consider comparing online stores in terms of rates, product quality, turnaround time, and customer service. It would be helpful if you read customer reviews as most of these sites have feedback mechanisms in place, in order to get regular feedbacks from customers.

You also have to make sure that you read the terms and conditions before closing a deal. There are also the “fine prints” in their policy that you have to take into account.

You also need to consider the materials they use. Keep in mind that these patches will be washed if permanently sewn into a garment. The patches have to be made from fade-resistant materials. You also have to take note of the colors blending well with each other. The materials should also be washable.

So, when looking for custom embroidered patches manufacturers, you have to take note of deals, cost, materials, and customer service.