Fun with Media Signage

The beautiful thing about digital media signage is that you’re no longer restricted by the limitations of traditional print media. For example, you can include moving objects, sounds, and interactive interfaces. So let out your inner computer artist and have some fun creating some beautiful designs for your businesses.

Slide Presentations

Slide PresentationsPerhaps the simplest digital signage you could produce is slide presentations. These are widely considered as the most boring of all media, since they’re nothing but blocks of texts or pictures timed to change slides every few minutes.  This is not entirely true.

Slide presentations can actually be pretty amusing to animate and personalize. Although the steps are not quite so obvious or straightforward, it’s still pretty accessible to most people with an access to any office suite version. These presentations could be made better by having more lively animations and aesthetically pleasing formatting. Don’t settle for the plain slide changes or very repetitive default text or image transitions. Try out the free animations. Make your own pathways for the images to follow. Experiment with the fonts, sizes, and colors. Add music and vary your transition times.

The key to an interesting slide presentation is mainly readability and variation. So don’t present huge blocks of text on a boring solid background and a boring picture at the side. Make your slides move and seem alive.


Creating animationsCreating animations is not nearly as easy or common as making slide presentations, but they present a generally better looking product, and the feeling of satisfaction at the end is also a lot more than simple slide presentations.

Animations are typically bright, cute and eye-catching. This is the best media signage form you could use if your target market includes children. Animations are great because you could easily bypass the limitations encountered when creating real life advertisements. You could have mythical creatures like dragons, and have special skills like magic. You could have talking animals and objects.

You could enjoy doing animations especially if you love to draw. Animation software could bring your characters to life, and your characters will do your marketing for you.


For those who are a little less confident about their drawing skills, maybe videos would be a better alternative. This entails the use of videography to capture motion of people and objects that you would like to include in your media signage. When creating your own video, you get a feel of being your own director, producer, and maybe even effects specialist.

Videos are great because these are, in a sense, a more direct means of reaching out to your customers. They see human beings like themselves using and benefiting from the products, and there is an almost instant connection – provided that the words or actions are not over-played.

Interactive Surfaces

The rapid development of touch screen compatible devices over the last decade has also allowed the advancement of digital media in this aspect. A lot of companies now incorporate interactive surfaces into their business and marketing strategies because of the positive feedback they gain from their clients.

Interactive surfaces are generally very enjoyable and more direct means for your customers to get the information that they want to know. There are also some software, like games, that allow them to use and understand your services in a virtual world, and they will be more likely to want for those in the real world.

As this is a media form still in its early years of development, you may enjoy the uniqueness you’re sure to feel when developing or using these programs. Experimenters and tinkerers will especially enjoy figuring out new functions and means of maximizing such potential in their businesses.

Using digital media signage has revolutionized the way companies market their business. Who says only professionals can work on those? You could have some fun as well as save some revenue by creating your own.