Advantages of Converting Portable Storage Containers

In major ports around the world, you can find hundreds or even thousands of portable storage containers. These shipping equipment have been a staple in global commerce since they were invented in the latter half of 20th century. With these commercial shipping containers, countries are able to trade bulks of goods with each other. It may be difficult to grasp such importance, unless you are an entrepreneur importing cheaper goods abroad to lessen expenses or exporting goods to overseas buyers. As a consumer, you also benefit from such trade by acquiring your preferred products that are only available in other countries.

Shipping containersShipping containers may be traditionally used for storing and shipping goods, but recently, these are being repurposed into living quarters, commercial establishments, learning centers, satellite offices and the list goes on. Our company, Movable Container Storage, is your great source of shipping container selection. We go beyond manufacturing shipping containers; we also offer customization services.

If you are still undecided as to why you should purchase and convert a shipping container, take a look at the advantages below:


portable storageYou can convert portable storage containers into so many things. One shipping container can be transformed into an additional room in your home. You can use it as a family room, half kitchen, mini-bar, walk-in pantry, fully-furnished bathroom, walk-in closet, patio or storage room. You also have the option to attach it in your actual home or leave it freestanding. With the help of a green architect, you can even have an entire home whose foundations are mostly made of shipping containers.

If you haven’t decided what to do with your shipping container yet, you can put it on lease. With so many entrepreneurs catering to their distant customers, finding a lessee shouldn’t be hard. They might also rent your shipping container to store their products for a while. Incoming college freshmen and relocating families are potential lessees as well. They will need a shipping container to transfer their personal items into their new dwellings. To be able to these smoothly, you must first have a contact with a trailer truck owner.


Portable storage containers are intended to withstand the harshness of the ocean, impact of train movement and friction from other storage containers stocked above and beside them. In short, they are designed to be hard-wearing. They are made from steel even so, these shipping containers don’t rust easily.

The phenomenon of converting shipping containers can be seen in different parts of the world. That’s because these shipping containers can withstand different environmental conditions.

Because of its durability, a customized storage container can be placed even in less-than-ideal environment. Are you living in a relatively dry region? With proper air conditioning, a converted shipping container can be your haven. Are you living in a relatively humid region? The converted shipping container can protect you from rain, snow, and hailstorm alike. But due to the constant moist environment, you will need to double your maintenance efforts to prevent corrosion triggered by the moisture.


containersPresently, there are already millions of shipping containers piled in ports all over the world. Imagine a fleet of 20-foot or 40-foot long storage containers. Many ports are already crowded. The invention of such might have been beneficial to the global trade but it also created a problem: disposal. In spite of the number of shipping containers, there is still a demand for the production such. One reason is that transporting a new one is less expensive than returning a used shipping container back to its initial port.

Purchasing a secondhand shipping container helps lessen the problem in ports. It will also be a good option if you want a low-priced shipping container. The best part of the purchase is that you can repurpose it to your heart’s delight.


Not all converted portable storage containers end up permanently affixed in residential or commercial lots. Some remain transportable. In fact, a shipping container can be reconstructed into a trailer home, provided that you own (or rent) a trailer truck. For furniture manufacturers, one option is to make it into a furniture showroom on wheels.

Better Offers

Converting portable storage containers as additional living space can help you land better deals. If you are shopping for a home insurance, you have to tell the agent about having a room or rooms made from shipping containers. These are deemed less prone to fire, termites and other wood-eating insects. You can expect a reduced insurance premium.

Another benefit is that they may help increase the resale value of your home. You might ask what if you don’t have any plan to sell your home in the near home. An increased resale value entails you can have better deal when it comes to mortgage loan. Lenders often take into consideration the resale value of your home when deciding how much to lend you.